Advice Please: I want to download high bit rate music content from a web service

Other than allofmp3 (which isnt accpeting payment by credit cards for some reason), I can not find a similar site. Whats a guy to do who wants to a service that offers an online encoder such that I can specify 250 or 320 kbps download sampling rate? Much obliged!! Wisconsin. Joe :bow:

We’ve removed several threads containing this same request in other forums as we do not allow cross-posting on the forum. Not only does it create clutter, but can waste people’s time trying to help out, not realising that what they may be writing about has already been written as a reply by someone else in another duplicate thread. If you post something and feel your question would be better off placed in another thread, please contact a moderator to move it for you.

As far as I’m aware of, allofmp3 was the only site that offered a custom choice of bit-rate for MP3s. The vast majority of sites that offer music in the MP3 format only offer up to 192kbps.