Advice Please - Cheap DivX/XviD set-top player



The time has come for me to join the 21st centuary and buy a DivX player. The kids are pestering me to let them use the DVD player in the lounge, and whilst I don’t want them damaging the DVDs I could convert them to DivX and let them use the DivX CDs instead. That would save me having to keep loading/unloading the DVD player too…

So I need something small, cheap, fool and reasonably kidproof and able to play what I throw at it. But [there’s always a but] I’m going to want to watch stuff too, so I’m looking for something that has a good quality output for DVD and DivX. I’m in the UK so please only tell me about stuff I can get here.

I’ve heard that Kiss were good in the past, but that firmware updates have been their downfall. Other than that I know very little. Sure I can expect to get quality with named brands but at named brand prices too, which will mean I’ll be unhappy if the kids do something daft and trash it.

So over to you fellow CD Freaks.