Hi guys, greetings!!

I´m a computer´s technician… recently a friend of mine bought a PC with the following components:

CPU: AMD ATHLON 64, 1800MHZ (1.8GHZ) (9x1200) 3000+
MOBO: Foxconn Winfast NF4K8MC
Chipset: Nvidia Nforce 4
MEM: Kingston DDR400 (PC3200) 512MB
GRAPHICS: Nvidia Gforce 6200 LE PCIXpress X16 128MB (using Aperture size of 256)
HD: S-ATA ST380811AS (80GB)

My question is as follows:

This guy plays serious games… like Civilization IV… Need for Speed Underground II (not nice graphics), Halo (mmm no so good in quality, plays better on my Gforce 4 AGP of 64MB, Wolfenstein (This is so fu"$· good in graphics…)

I don´t know about gaming on PC… but… with a PCI x of 128MB… it shouldn´t look like a PS2 game at most??.. In halo looks like a N64 or PS1!!.. In Need for speed underground we can see pixels in the speedway… it looks bad… and if I activate the antialising setting the gameplay becomes sooo slow…

Other problem is with HALO… the poor Master Chief can´t see the bullets in the max setting… with the minimal config the game plays Ok no slowdowns… but awful graphics…

So what are your advice in this case.??.. A friend told me something about the Turbocache of the Gforce

The settings in the Bios Shows the clock of the PCIx in 100… and the CPU in 200… is this setting the problem??

Ok any advice… on this particular case… thanks!!


The graphics card is too slow. Also he’ll need 1gb ram total, so hopefully he has a single stick in there and not 2x256mb. Here is a suggestion for a new gfx card:
7600gt 256mb GDDR3 580MHz/1500MHz $120

The cpu should be good enough for now. Happy gaming :slight_smile:


The one is even a better deal:
7600GT $116 AR

Also realize that he’ll need a quality power supply, I reccomend seasonic.


Is there a way to optimize the videocard without buying other card (you know… money…)


That’s a pretty basic/slow card nowadays, I’d say upgrade too. I’ve got a 4600 dual core AMD machine I built and a 7600GS 256 meg card and it does OK on tough games like Fear but I have to turn down the eye candy to get really good frame rates even with a pretty good cpu and 2gig. My older AGP ati x800xt actually does better in FEAR then this card does even though this card scores better in most benchmarks I have tried it with. My old box was a AGP 754 3200 with a gig by the way.
Tell him to turn it down as crummy as he can stand for now and save his money for a nicer card.


Ok… that´s a good answer! Thanks.!. In what year that video card went out?


Well I think the x800xt is at least a few years old as far as when it was brought out, the 7600gs is current. The GT is a better card as it has faster memory if he’s on a tight budget.


Allright Thanks a lot!, In a few days I´ll post the specs of his PSU… so let´s see if this is a good machine…



ATI Radeon X1950 Pro is an excellent gaming card if you want a budget solution, I wouldnt even bother getting anything less than that for gaming.


Ok thanks!.. Do you know in what site could I learn everything about LAN/WAN Networks and how to setup a server PC?.. Everything about group policy in Windows 2000 and XP or 2K3??..

I have lost 2 jobs because I get bad grades in the area of networks and such… when they are making the job interview…

Please help!!


Uhmm… Networking for what? In general? Windows, UNIX/Linux?
As for Windows Server(s) I guess the best way would to grab a book about it.
Amazon have loats and there are reviews for most of em’, stay away from the Dummies series.


In general the Windows Servers!


Have a look in a general book store… ? :slight_smile: