Advice on Xbox 360 backups



New here wasn’t sure if i should put this in the newbie forum or here so i’ll take a punt in here…

I’ve recently had my 360 Elite, benq drive flashed so i’m able to start backing up my disks( young kids and £39 a game gets expensive)
Now heres my problems i’m totally new at this, ive read lots and lots of info, good, bad and conflicting.

My pc currently has a Lite-on DVD-RW SOHW-1633S, I’ve been told this won’t rip or burn a 360 title, so i’ve been doing some research on what burners will do the trick.

Read good things about this Pioneer DVR-116D
Will that burn 360 backups straight out of the box? If not how difficult is it to update its firmware?

Now not sure if i’m right or not but that won’t rip a 360 game will it?

I’ve read that this Samsung SH-D162D is good for ripping the games.
So do i need to go ahead and buy both or iss there a burner out there that will rip and burn?

I’ve got Xboxbackupcreator and imgburn i just need to equipment to get me started.

I plan on using Verbatims aswell, as everywhere i’ve read say they are the best for 360 backups, what the cheapest place to get hold of these, prefably in the Uk.

Thanks in advance.


Yeah that Samsung drive will rip the games as long as it is flashed with the kreon firmware, the Pioneer will also burn the disc fine(won’t rip them though) so yes you will need both drives.