Advice on which PC Card to buy



I am looking for the following and have spent some time looking without joy, i dont mind if its not usable if software isnt ready just as long as the hardware is ready. i am new to the forum and must say (just what ive been looking forward) thanks!! :smiley:
Just advise what is the best i can do. i List as the most important first.

I pay for nds service and i have a dragon cam with support and need something that will have a CI slot (and work!!).
I would like it to be HD capable.
PVR functions

I know its a tall order and know it will probally cost me. I read an excerlent article on this site which refers to such a card by Sean called “High Definition Television in Europe” but dosnt say what card it is.

I am in the process of building a multimedia PC with 16x AGP and AMD 64 bit 3200 so should hopefully handle the graphics and speed.

I am also just selling a Reelbox PVR1100 HD ready box (crap support)


There is no HD (DVB-S2) capable PCI card with CI you could buy.

Wait half a year and then look for one again.

In case you mean DVB-S HDTV (mpeg2), you can use almost any card available yet which has the ability to work with an CI/CAM.

The computer specs you mentioned are just enough to handle mpeg2 HDTV.
“16x AGP” ??? Doesn’t exist! 8x does but is hardly ever used…
Much RAM and a good gfx card is more important.

My personal recommendation is an FireDTV or FloppyDTV!


Thganks for reply, they look good, do they work ok with dragon and nds? do they support USALS or disqui?


Any Other Recomendations anyone?


click on more info > supported CAMs


Hi People,

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Digital Everywhere has released the DVB-S2 version of FloppyDTV…FireDTV DVB-S2 is coming soon!!


I use the Twinhan AD-SP300(1034). It has a CI slot and is a PCI card for satellite dish and powers the motor for positioning.


1.2 or usals? Also 1.1???


How about no card and using a network dual HD tuner. Everyone can share.

Anyone have any pros or cons about doing it this way?:iagree:


[QUOTE=soothsayer;1946700]How about no card and using a network dual HD tuner. Everyone can share.

Anyone have any pros or cons about doing it this way?:iagree:[/QUOTE]

What means “everyone” here???


[QUOTE=soothsayer;1946700]How about no card and using a network dual HD tuner. Everyone can share.

Anyone have any pros or cons about doing it this way?:iagree:[/QUOTE]

I agree with you!:iagree:


Which device would that be and in which price range??


might be worth thinking twice about Eclipse of Coventry
they are cheap and are always plugged by trade mags but
google Eclipse Computers and they seem to
have a [B]terrible reputation [/B]for product reliability and customer service.
for the most part the feedback on numerous boards is [B]frighteningly negative.[/B]

"The Trading Standards say this is illegal and they will act against the company if enough people complain - so DO IT TODAY! "

"Eclipse computers are COWBOYS and extremely useless."

"I would NEVER EVER order from them again, biggest bunch of cowboys under the sun imo.
Took over two weeks to send my order and there was a whole load of things wrong."



"Do not be tempted to use this company - they are cheap but their after sales service stinks"

sure maybe only disatisfied customers complain but google Chillblast or Zoostorm or Dell and you don’t find pages of angry feedback ! but you do with Eclipse !! and its not that they are a large company
an informed assessment of the wisdom of an Eclipse purchase should take this into account


I use a myHD 130 PCI card that has two antennae inputs, one for HD over the air and one for cable. It does NTSC and ATSC and QAM. VGA AND DVI and Super Video. Composite and component. RCA and SPDIF. Remote. With this, I will not need a converter box next February when America is converted to HD. This is my back up in case the dish goes out for any reason.