Advice on which CD-RW to Purchase



I'm looking for some advice on which CD-RW to purchase.

I am looking for 4x CD-R/RW, ability to write raw DAO (also read raw if possible), eide, 2mB buffer min, cheap, available in Australia, good value/quality (hope this isn't asking for too much!). I'm currently considering (for more cash) (Sony) HP9100 or (less cash) Mitsumi 4804 (aka Kodak 4804). All supported by CDRwin, Nero,and CloneCD, etc, etc.

The Mitsumi seems to be good value and relatively well received.

As an aside how many users actually use the RW part of the writer (is it really worth it?!) and do any CD-RWs support both read and write in raw (DAO) mode?

All sensible advice is gratefully received.




Humm – This forum alway seems to be full of HP help questions and problems… I’ve had a speed writter and a Richo… Both just worked. No problems. Both SCSI type, fairly inexpensive, the speed writers a bit out dated now but still works fine…


I think it’s worth cdrw because there are allways things that can’t fit on an diskette an then you can burn it on cd!!!

I think it’s very nice!!!