Advice on video capture

Hello Everyone,

I’m in the market for a video capture device. It’s for my father who is 74, but fairly computer savy. I’d like to get something simple for capturing video from VHS tapes, with the ultimate goal to burn the videos to DVD.

We are already using ConvertXtoDVD as the burning program.

We’d really like some input on the capture device (and aasociated software). We’ve used Pinnacle Movie Box in the past with mixed results.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,

I will tell you one not to get Roxio EasyVHStoDVD.
I had a great deal of dificulty getting the software to complete the install on Vista.
After I finally tricked it into completing the install a couple of my other programs quit working.
Thanks to a backup with Acronis True Image I was able to get everything back like it was.Just uninstalling the Roxio software didn’t do that.
Last there was also a problem with the capture hardware itself.
When capturing it produces a noticible small bar at the botton that looked like a partial reverse image.
I used VLC after the Roxio was completly off my OS with just the capture card plugged in & the line was still there.
So five thumbs down the this Roxio junk.