Advice on scratch filter for vinyl transfers

:bow:What do we do here? I’m new to burning dvd’s. I’m from an age when we still used two tin cans for a phone. now I have mp3 player no bigger than a small box of matches. I all so try to record vinly records, but can’t seem to find a good program for the scratch noise. That what i try to do with my new hp a6110n pc.

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I tried a lot of programs to “restore” my Vinal LP’s (some are 50 years old). I finally paid the big bucks for Sound Forge 9, and I am really pleased with the results.

There is a limited time free trial here:

Note, you also want the Nose Reduction Plugin.


Nero has a scratch and rumble filter in their wave editor.
When I bought a Creative sound card it came with similar software.
I have used both and both are good at what they do. At least you can hear the adjustments you are making before you finally record your efforts.
I have also removed hiss from cassette recordings before putting it on cd.
I am sure other cd/dvd recording suites have similar software.