Advice on purchasing a new burner

Hi, I am new here and was wondering if someone could be kind enough to point me in the right direction.

I have a GEC-8420B CDRW and reciently found out that it won’t do many of the new copy protections that are on the market today.

So I was hoping that someone could give me some advise on which burners are the best to do safedisc 2.8 and securerom new

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advanced;)

i have been able to backup all new copy protection w/ lite-on 40125s cd-rw and lite-on 163d DVD rom. I use the latest version on cloneCD i think. and import settings from clonyxxl
no tinkering. just make image @ 4x and write image @4x

thanks for the advise Bandit Won, I just went and purchased the lite-on 40125s and was able to make 1:1 copies of age of mythology and GTA 3 using Clony xxl and Clone CD

i recommend Asus (40 or 52)
it can copy every SD protection.
and heard from some people that the Asus performs better with securom very new. (can’t confirm that my self since i don’t own a Lite-On)

Thanks for the advise Maelstrom, maybe if my lite-on doesn’t work out, I will try an ASUS burner;)

Stick with your LiteOn :slight_smile: It kicks ass!

since ccd and alcohol 120% beats SD with a non sheep writer i think that any good (build) quality writer will do the trick.

I’m with Maelstrom on the Asus from reading the reviews from more experianced burners I ordered mine today, read the post by futureproof :bow: The asus x40 or the 52x;)