ADVICE ON o/c'in' 40x > 48x

I am using the LiteON 40125S. I have done some experimentation with OC’ing it to a 48125W. For anyone trying to do this hack, I suggest using the VS01 firmware, NOT VS02.

VS02 seemed to have some trouble burning on Princo and TY media EVEN WITH SMARTBURN ON. Using the VS01 firmware, all of these problems seemed to vanish. I can even burn the 32x TY @ 48x! NO ERRORS!

The Princo media won’t finish at 48x but it burns error-free at 40x (the smart burn reccomended speed). Heh, it’s only 24x media!

Anyway, just letting y’all know, if you are having media trouble with a 40125S upgrade, use the VS01 48x fw.

Have fun.

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