Advice on next burner



Currently I have a MadDog external DL burner. I didn’t really do enough research before buying. The only problem I have had is that I can’t burn DVD-R’s. I’ve had not problems with DVD+R’s. I was thinking that getting a USB 2.0 external would be good because I wouldn’t have to install it and I could move it to a different PC if needed. Well, I’ve discovered that that’s why I’m not able to burn -R’s. So which internal would you suggest. I’m not burning alot of discs, but would like a good one. My local CompUSA has the internal MadDog on for 89.99 - 20.00 (instant rebate) - 20.00 (mail-in) + $49.99. Pretty good deal. Should I consider a different drive…possibly a Sony.

Any advice is appreciated.


Another thought…maybe the HP with lightscribe. I don’t know that I would use the lightscribe feature much now because the media prices are still too high. But, that’s an option. What about that one? I have an HP desktop…not that this would make much of a difference.


Hi :slight_smile:
If your happy with your current writer you could stick with Nec which is what your writer’s based on The latest of which is not yet available for you locally
Although you’ll notice that people are shipping from the UK
If you’re prepared to do this then the Nec 3540a would be a very good choice
If not then the Pioneer DVR A09XL ( also Nec based ) might be the one
However BenQ 1640 & LG 4163b ( the BenQ being far more popular & LG’s only a serious contender if you want ram capability ) would work for you
Sadly for Sony the advice is STAY AWAY they’re ****


Hey satterwhite. I know some satterwhites. Are you by chance from idaho.