Advice on new cd writer - yamaha any good? (how about lg/nec/sony)



Hi, I’m looking to replace my archaic 2x HP CD Writer. Price is a very important issue. I’m going to be getting an internal IDE drive and, other than price, the most important thing is that the drive function with programs such as cdrwin and clonecd. It would also be nice if it overburned. Anyway, the companies im looking at right now (I can get drives that are at least 8x from all of these for under 200$ canadian) are:

Aopen, HP, LG (these are by far the cheapest), NEC, Panasonic, Sony, Yamaha

If you need model numbers for the advice, I can get them for you (all of the drives are either 8x, 12x, or 16x write). The one im leading towards right now is the YAMAHA CRW2100E 16X/10X/40X INTERNAL IDE CD-RW. It’s 189$ canadian, which is the same price as the 12x HP one the store ( has.

Does anybody know about the features/reliability of the yamaha? How about the ones made by the other companies listed. (I checked’s list, but it’s pretty outdated.)

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I’ve heard that plextor is the best, but the plextor drive costs almost twice as much, which is out of my price range.


Have you searched this forum for past discussions on what writer to buy?
This question has been extensively discussed in the past and since you are not looking for the latest writer (too expensive) you might very well find what you are looking for through the search funtion.

(try different search strings, the minimum is 3 letters per (part of the) word)


And dont forget to check out they have some pretty damn good prices. =) unless you like to bid on it, then I use ubid and onsale. I stoped using ebay a while ago. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, as I found out, my cdrw is built on the yamaha chip (philips cdrrw series 400 (460a) and it burns everything I can throw at it (bad thing is that its outdated now 4x4x16), they do have a compatibility chart that tells a current list of burners that support SD2, and all that other cd protection crap. The link was posted several times in the fourm… I cant seem to find it, but i KNOW its there. ; Þ