Advice on mp3 cd player- iRiver SlimX?



gez havent posted here in a while :slight_smile:

hey i want to get a mp3 player. i want the player to display the title of the song and the artsist, and would prefer a file ssytem. fm radio would be nice

from what i have looked at so far a cd player would be my best bet… it will hold 700mb of music. i like that size- i dont want to shell out $300 for a hd player, and 32mb doesnt sound like enough

i started looking around and found the iRiver SlimX

these players look sweet and seem to have great comments on cnet, amazon

however there is the 400 and the 350
from what i understand the 350 just looks different, but costs $40 more

heres some information about them…

the 350

costs: $129.99
CNET Review of the 350

the 400

costs: $169.99
CNET Review of the 400

so far i am leaning towards getting the 350- the price savings seems nice, even though the 400 looks better-- judging on comments on and ppl say that only the design changes from 350 to 400… also another post on this board mentioned the 550??

anyone got one of these and like it/hate it?
know someone with one?
heard something about it?
opinions about it?
if you would recommend some other player…
plz reply!!



i own the 350 and i love it. the 400 is little more than a sleeker-looking 350, altho the 350 is pretty sexy itself. :wink: it’s possible that the lcd display would be better on the 400 (maybe higher resolution, brighter backlight, etc), but i don’t have any problems with the 350 lcd. functionality-wise, the two players are the same.