Advice on how to flash my 2500a useing herries firmware

ok, i understand the risk of me voiding my warranty,but would like to flash my drive with herries firmware.1, downloaded the rar file,for windows.2, downloaded winrar.3, unzipped the rar file.4, onto my desktop i have a file open it have a picture of a writer says nec at top nec107v24b and a text file.5, to proceed with the flash do i make sure my usb2 liteon is disconneted and any nortons or windows apps closed,click on icon and follow the instructions.sorry for being so thick but would like to get it right.colin

The windows flasher won’t flash a drive that is not recognized as an NEC 2500A.
So there’s no real risk in leaving your LiteOn connected.
It’s always a good idea to close all your apps before flashing. :wink:

Can it flash in a firewire enclosure. Sorry to tread jack :frowning: