Advice on Graphics card pls

Hi, i need to buy a new graphics card and i set my sights on a ti4200.

The trouble is i cant decide on which of the following 2 are better.

They are;

Gainward GeForce 4 PowerPack! Ultra/650 TV/DVI

or the

Pny Technologies Verto Ti 4200

Both have 64MB DDR Ram @500Mhz memory clock

Core Clock speed of 250 Mhz (Both cards are overclockable)

Here is the specs on the PNY Card


and the Gainward one is Here

What i want to know which of these cards are the best i like the PNY lifetime waranty but in benchard 3d mark 2001 the Gainward slightly out performed the Pny card.

Which card do ppl think is the best in both quality and performance, pls let me know.

Thanx in advance.

ATI Radeon 9000 pro.

I agreee with Debro here… the ATI Radeon 9000 is a better card then the 4200. I just wish they would pull there finger out here and get the more 9000 Pro’s in down here :a

How is the radeon 9000 pro better?:confused:
Every review I have seen shows the GeForce4 ti4200 outperforms the 9000 in every test. Here is one such review and if you google many more to be found.

Ch5Micky- I would pick the Gainward card because most reviews of their cards show they use quality components (memory) and they seem to be very stable when oc’d.

Thank you ww1912 for a sensible reply i personally cannot stand Ati cards that is why i chose the two i listed and i have read reviews of the Gainward card and it has good reviews and has out performed 128MB Ti 4400 AND the Radeon 8500.

Thank you ww1912 for clearing my mind up i now know which card i will be getting. Advice much appreciated guys.

I fail to understand how a ti4200 can outperform a ti4400.

Unless the ti4400 has less memory, or has been underclocked.


Maybe you guys should check out


At least some major hardware reviews.

The majority have a much better view.

Maybe you guys should check out


Ti4200 beats 9000Pro in 75% of their games/benchmarks.

My advice is get either these two cards :

a) ATI Radeon 8500 128 RAM
b) GF4 Ti 4200 128 RAM

The GF4 Ti can be overclocked, so it is the best choice for you. You need a lot of RAM
if you want to play the latest games such as Aquamark and CodeCreatures.

For the time being, the 64MB TI4200’s are even better than the 128MB’s are. Yes, they are faster (because there is faster memory on them). However, if you plan to keep your card for a longer time, I’d suggest to buy a slightly slower version with 128MB on it. Why? In the future, when more memory (on 3D cards) is needed, the 128MB version will be way faster.

You need a lot of RAM if you want to play the latest games such as Aquamark and CodeCreatures.

Hum, true point, but those aren’t games… :confused:
But two REALLY-heavy benchmarks
Anyway, your point is true…
On the other hand, speaking about today, the 64MB XFX Ti4200 Rev. 1.2 outperforms most Ti4600 with its extreme overclockability! But it’s only 64MB, that’s the sad part…

Thanx so very much 4 ur input here guys i really appreciate the various points u have made here.

My sole purpose 4 this card is games, at the moment i have a crappy 16MB VooDoo 3.5 TV card and thanx to DirectX 8.1 and Transform and Lighting games it is truly now a dead card, i know there are underground drivers being made available 4 DX 8.1 but its seems pointless hanging onto dead technology when games are becoming so advanced.

Due to its nice price and overclockability i wanted to Gainward Ti4200 Ultra 650 TV/DVI i would love a 128MB card but the price is a bit steep at them moment and for little over £100 the 64MB one looks good for its money.

So please tell me, is this card good 4 games such as Battlefield 1942 as i cant play that with my VooDoo.


Go the Gainward Way.

I have seen that Gainward do a GF4 Powerpack! 650 XP Golden sample card based on the one above but it has 128MB DDR RAM is it worth getting this card instead or is there no noticeable difference between the 2 where games are concerned?

I think the MSI 128MB is much cheaper.

Golden sample cards from Gainward are a little more expensive. but they are designed to be overclocked. So if you wanna overclock your card to about 4600 level, I think the Gainward will allow this easier then the others will.

Thanx 4 that info Dee-ehn is it worth games wise to go 128MB or is 64MB enough to play games like Battlefield 1942 with very high detail?

BF1942 runs fine on high settings on my pc- Athlon XP1800 and a MSI GeForce3 Ti200 64 mb. card.

Originally posted by Ch5Micky
Thanx 4 that info Dee-ehn is it worth games wise to go 128MB or is 64MB enough to play games like Battlefield 1942 with very high detail?

Sure… it runs even faster then with the 128mb version

In the future, 128MB cards will be faster. For the time being, the 64MB models are the better choice!