Advice on dvd-R burner: Philips (=Liteon) or Benq ew164

I bought for a friend a philips spd3000 (16x +R, 16-R 8x +RDL), assuming it was a philips/benq drive (as my benq has served me well the last couple years). Now it seems it’s a liteon oem instead (don’t know the exact model, the specs seem on par with a benq 1650). I was ready to take it back to get a benq ew164, when i was reminded my friend has a toshiba recorder that reads -R only.
So I could use some advice: for a good all-round drive with (above) average -r capabilities, I’d better keep the liteon or get the benq as I planned?
I ask this as benqs are very good at burning g02 (only -Rs i’ve ever burned), but i seem to remember the results with lower price -Rs are less than stellar.
Thank you for any suggestion.