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Hello - I have a Gateway laptop that has a CD burner. I want to buy a DVD burner that I can use to copy CDs (photos and data). Would I buy an external DVD burner?


You certainly could provided your laptop has a USB2 connection. If you are handy you can build one or I would recommend the Liteon 1693 external from

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Oops, as Phil pointed out you don’t need to buy anything new. I misread “would” for “could”.


it sounds like you wanna have another optical drive for copying cds by puting blank media at one and media with data/audio at other , you shouldnt buy any extra drive for that, disc to disc copy is old just copy the data to the hard drive and burn it or make image with alcohol 120% and burn it also you can use eac to rip audio cds to uncompressed wavs and burn em


Thank you. However, I have no idea what you’re talking about…


Hi - handy for building these kinds of things, no. Handy for keeping a vegetable garden and helping to build an all-solar house in the mountains, yes.
Perhaps I wasn’t clear… I have many many CDs that I want to consolidate onto a DVD or two. I know I need a DVD burner. I was advised to get an entirely new drive which will burn DVDs as well as the CDs that the drive now burns. I would also like to be able to burn the DVD directly from the CD and bypass the computer. I understand that I would need to have a USB2. How can I tell what I have in the USB department? And if I don’t have the USB2, but only have USB1, would I then have to go from CD to hard drive to DVD? Ah, another question but not as important: is there a way to burn a DVD directly from the TV so that I can watch something later? Is it OK to ask so many questions?


well i guess the part about copying from cd to hard drive and burning it is self explaining , as for the image i didnt meant a picture i meant an “iso image” click here , alcohol 120% is a software that can create/burn images and also very good for copy protected cds , eac=exact audio copy a cd ripping software the most accurate there is and its free too and uncompressed wav’s are in same quality as audio tracks (at least as long as done from audio cds)


indeed,whats your laptop model? usb1 is way too slow and all laptops have a pc card slot… eitherway youll have to copy to hard drive first a dvd media is 4.3gb its not a good idea to waste it on 700mb its best to copy several cds to the hard drive and then burn it , as for the tv you can buy a dvd recorder


I appreciate your time Phil, but I still don’t understand most of everything you’re telling me… I want to have the physical DVDs after I have burned whatever I want onto them, whether the data comes from a CD or from my hard drive.


Wouldn’t you know it - I went right on to Newegg and they were having a limited sale on the 1693, and the sale ended two hours ago… Tomorrow I’ll beg them to give me the burner at the sale price.


So this is what I understand: I can buy an external DVD burner that plugs into my USB prot. When I want to copy a CD, I will first need to copy it onto my hard drive, and then from my hard drive, burn it onto the DVD that’s waiting for it. Am I following?

BTW, I appreciate so much help from y’all.


i edited my previous reply i hope youll understand it better now , anyway you havnt answered my question whats your laptop model? if you wanna know if the usb is 1.1 or 2.0 i must have the model


Sorry - I typed it in and it got lost. Gateway M305CPV


that cant possibly be true , 0 results in google


Hmmm… that’s what on the back of the laptop. Dinner now - sorry - will come right back after…



guess well have to check it in another way , right click “my computer” click “properties” goto hardware–>device manager expand “universal serial bus controllers” do you any line that contains “USB2” ? if not then its probably 1.1 you can buy a usb pcmcia card for 15-17$


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No USB2. And what is a pcmcia card and why do I want it?


On Google I put in just M305 and there it is.


if you dont see me on the user list then abiusly not , anyway this is a forum so have some patience

pcmcia cards are expansion cards for laptops , and youll want a usb 2.0 pcmcia card cuz usb1 is very very slow and i doubt youll be able to burn with it you might wanna get firewire card instead cuz its somewhat faster

i didnt search for that , i searched for what you said which is M305CPV


I’m burning CDs now but burning DVDs may not be able to be done with what I have now? And what is a firewire card and where do I put it?