Advice on DVD Burner to buy

Hi, I just purchased ADOBE Premiere Elements-3 to edit videos created from a camcorder. I created my first movie and I am very happy with the results but now I need to buy a DVD Burner and know nothing about them. I want to be able to play the DVDs on a pc and on DVD players. I am currently looking at the Mad Dog 18x External MD-18xTFE and am wondering if this is a good choice(?). I would like to keep the cost no higher than $150 if possible. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Are you located in the US? If so most burners nowdays are around $40 us range nowdays and some are more upto $100 or more. But I have a LH-20A1H LL0C liteon model and it has worked well for me burning and ripping and making data disc. But also if you to make it booktype compatiable you should download their bitsetting software that make +R or +R DL media change to -ROM to increase compatiblility with standalone players. Some also recommend LG units as good readers as well. But Either units you should go wrong with but just remember that the drive has the ability to set the booktype or bittsettings depending on how they name it so it increases the +R media types to play better on standalone players. I would usually go with a brand recognize name burner not just cause of the quality but the warranty and the company ability to update the firmware in a timely manner for media compatibility with various media types. Also I know some have talked about Sata verus Pata type connector but to me that is a mute point as this is only good for HDD performance-It does help in making smaller cable connection and less clutter in the desktop but won’t do much on performance as the drive is limited to the media and drive specs unlike HDD that is sealed and made for Read/Write performance.

I think your best bet would to be to go into the burner forums and read some reviews and comments on the burners and then make up your mind on which one to buy instead of just asking what burner to buy as everyone has their own favorite burner Good luck :slight_smile: also if you are in the US look at and for good burner prices