Advice on converter



Hello my goal is to convert my video library into the best quality format at 1680X1050 widescreen. Ive been using several converters i can get a good quality conversion but nothing in 1680X1050 widescreen im using Pro coder 3, Cucusoft, format factory, and Virtual Dub. Any help would be appreciated.


I think that the best choice is related on the source. If the source is a full Blu-ray disc the software to be used is different than if you start from a DVD or from an avi and so on.

Can you provide more details? :slight_smile:


Is there a particular reason for wanting this odd size? Generally, video resolutions need to be made in multiples of 16, or at least in multiples of 4, which 1050 does not fit.

Look here under Features and see the accepted block sizes in encoding:


Yeah, and if the source is smaller than your desired format then upsizing them only wastes picture quality and storage space. Most video players upscale on the fly.