Advice on combo BD Reader-DVD Writer

Hi folks. I am selecting the components for a new PC which should last many years, and I wonder whether any of the very knowledgeable people here would be so kind as to recommend a good S-ATA combo BD Reader - DVD Writer for the following purposes and associated requisites: A. Rip CDs & DVDs. Requisite: speed. B. Burn DVDs. Requisite: reliability. C. Occasionally play BDs. Ability to read BDXL is desirable. If you think that I should directly go for a BD Writer even if I am not planning to burn BDs in the foreseable future, that would be OK for me. In that case, please recommend a good BD Writer for the stated purposes. Thank you very much in advance.

I would get a Pioneer Blu-ray burner. The members here are very familiar with them and the Pioneer burners are some of the few drives that still get consistently good user reviews. The 209 is the current model.