Advice on CD/DVD Printers



What’s everyone’s general opinions on these? I would like one but they seem over priced, I was browsing various sites and one was clearly just a rebadged and perhaps slightly modifed Epson R200 and was priced at several hundred dollars, I can’t remember exactly. Anyone got a particular recommendation, know of good deal, can make me aware of any models to avoid, etc.?


Legit Epson R200 will do the job, they are generally quite cheep starting off as little as £75 in some shops, and the compats are cheeper too. It’s what I have got and never let me down yet.


Yeah I’ve got one. It’s alright for the odd disc but I find it a little slow and cumbersome for doing large batches. I often find that after printing several discs it needs the tray to be reset and often requires you to assist it in ejecting the tray fully.


If you’re in Brittain, get the Canon IP3000. It’s cheap, dirt cheap to operate, and offers full duplexing as well as dual paper feeds. Fewer problems than the Epsons IMHO.