Advice on buying a DVD-R DL capable burner?



What sort of DVD+/-R DL (can burn dual layer +/- discs) burner should I buy? I’m about to retire the old but reliable NEC ND-2500A@2510A DVD+R DL burner.


if you are nec user why not get ND-3520 or the new ND-3540
other options are
lite-on 1673@1693 or 1693 if can find it
plextor 716
pioneer A09 or 109
toshiba SD-R5372V


The LG 4163B is also worth a look. I like it’s DVD-RAM feature.
If you want DVD-R DL, you’ll have to wait a bit. There are some new drives coming that support DVD-L DL (NEC 4xxx, LG 4165B).