Advice on buying a burner

I am looking to buy a cdrw that can backup
sd2 games and maybe a few psx games (although the last is
not a big priority).
I was looking at buying the ricoh 7200a but since finding
its not sd2 compatible I am thinking of of the acer 2010a.
It seems that were I lose features on one burner I gain in the
other and vice versa.
So after having read reviews done research I am more confused
than ever.
Any suggestions of a good burner that has sd2 capability with
psx burning as well and that burns at a good speed?

Well your choices are good writers but you found the problems:

Ricoh cannot handle SafeDisc 2
Acer cannot write protected PSX games (for it can only write DAO-RAW94)

A burner that can do both is the Plextor 24x and the LiteOn 24x. Both drives have been mentioned on this forum quite often so I would suggest you give the search function a go. A review of the Plextor PX-W2410A can be found here.

More burner that can do both SafeDisc 2 and LibCrypt (PSX) can be found on the CloneCD Hardware Requirements.

For SafeDisc 2 ‘Correct EFM Encoding’ must be supported.
For PSX you need a writer that can write DAO-RAW96 but keep in mind that you also need to read the PSX games in DAO-RAW96. If you have a different unit that can do this you don’t have to do this with your writer. If you don’t you also need to have this ‘feature’ on your writer.