Advice on blank cd/dvds

from what i’ve read so far, almost everyone agrees that taiyo yuden make the best dvds. some say that 8x media are better than 16x. i don’t know what to believe any more.

i found some ty media here {dv 3138}
question: are they better than the verbatim 16x ones (same page). if no, where can i find cheaper (non-fake :p) ty media in england.

for cds… just recently found out that verbatim datalife plus might not be as good as i’ve been led to believe. should i consider ty cd-rs or stick to the verbatims. i found some “pastel” verbatim cd-rs, apparently using ty dye, and unbranded ty cd-rs here. the pastels work out cheaper but i’m mostly interested in quality.

the cd/dvds will be used for console backups (ps2 mostly) and whatever else i think of. will either be burned by benq dw1620 or dw1640 (still very hard to find in the uk).

edit: i remember tdk boasting about some really special protective layer they have on their optical media. is it better than other manufacturers. recently bought some tdk cd-rs which were made by moser baer (not very good right?).

since aprmedias fujis changed to ritek r03, it seems there is none.

you could try the 8x verbs at cd-rmedia 25 @ £7.50

yeah they look cheaper, are they any better? also the delivery price at svp is lower (i have tremendous respect for retailers that don’t rip you off with shipping charges)

why not buy a single 25 pcs tub from cd-rmedia they only charge £2 del so for £9.50 you could test then try them and see if they work for you.

yeah i thought about that but i really want to compare them to the ty media but svp only sell a full 100 of the unbranded so its hard to just test and compare samples

my suggestion wasent about comparing the verbs & ty, but testing the quality of the verbs from cd-rmedia on your setup and if they work well then theres no need to buy from svp. if the verbs dont work well, then you haven`t wasted lots of money.

gotcha. i’m pretty sure the verbs will work for me i’m just trying to find out which ones would be more durable, work best with my ps2 (really old v2 one and i think its laser is dying again) and so on.

verbatim datalife plus…vs…verbatim pastels (ty dye)…vs…taiyo yuden unbranded

{cd 1050}, {cd 1085} and {cd 1049} respectively

which one of those cds are the best. straight answer please: yes, no or don’t be stupid, there isn’t a “best one” :confused:

I highly rate the Pastels. They are the only ones I can get to play in my car stereo.

ok sounds good since the pastels are cheaper than the unbranded taiyo yudens but have some label. is the dye the same for the pastels and the unbranded tys.

how about you TimC, have you tried any other taiyo yuden media that still works in your car stereo?

Verbatim DataLifePlus 52x 80min 50 Pack Retail Tub £7.91 inc VAT

Shame they dont have any of the Plextor Taiyo Yuden discs in at the moment, but these are certainly a decent buy.

yeah, i just recently noticed they do plex discs but was too late.

if i’m buying the datalife plus i’d like to stick to svp since the delivery is much faster and cost is lower. the only difference is the speed but the fastest i ever burn is 20/24x anyway.

edit: just thought how good those plex/ty discs must be: like toast bread with peanut butter on one side and strawberry jam on the other. mmmmmm… plexyo yuden…

Definitely the pastels since they are made by TY. Anyways, I think that also has the 8x Verbs for just a hair cheaper.

I have a bunch of FAR CD’s that I got from Office Max on Black Friday two years ago. Some are khypermedia, some ritek, and another one I can’t remember. All of them play fine in car, dvd player, and on pc, even after 1 year.

That just means that your player plays any cheap peice of crap. Most cheap media will last a year or so, but venture into the 2-3 year range and you start running into problems. That’s what my Prodisc CD-Rs (Memorex and various other labels) have started doing to me.

what about the unbranded taiyo yuden? who makes them. i thought that ty dye discs were made by ty :confused:.

i’m thinking of buying the ty g02 8x dvd-r @ svp.

you probably have a newer stereo. new cd players take virtually everything you throw at them.

usually if a picky player works with a certain medium then that medium must be of good quality. not always since once i had a few discs with black dye and not many players liked them.

I’ve not recently tried any other brand ( other than Sony , which didn’t quite work) as I found a solution so stuck with it. As i’ve got about 200 of the pastels I’m not going to try anything else at the moment.
If you have success with another quality media I might try them later.
SVP were the only stockist I could find.

weell it’s just cds. they’re all pretty good these days. i’ll go with the pastels since they work in TimC’s picky player and have ty dye. i don’t think the datalife plus are much better. apparently the azo dye is “good” for the ps1/x but i don’t have it anyway.

with the dvds i’ll go with the unbranded ty since the verbatim pastel dvd-rs are more expensive.

If you can afford the 8x TY discs from SVP then definitely go with them as they will give you the most for your money.