Advice on best format for data extraction, future device compatibility, and filing system?

Hi MyCE folks,

Ok, first things first: I find the process, options and impediments to archiving a dvd collection extremely confusing. :eek: This is largely what’s kept me from attempting it until now. After trying out several different solutions, I’ve downloaded the trial for DVDFab and am extremely impressed with how it’s handled even difficult dvds that other programs choked on. Also impressed with how regularly it seems to be updated, and how involved the creators seem to be on this forum. Kudos, Fengtao.

Now I’m being slightly overwhelmed with the variety of options for saving the extracted data.

Hypothetical setup:
-Prefer to maintain the menu, chapter setup, as well as audio/subtitle options.
-Wish to play the files with as many different devices as possible. Planned use includes media-friendly portable players such as the Cowon S9 or D2, or one of the new BYOHdd set-top players like the Western Digital WD TV HD Live. Usage also obviously on computers, likely with VLC player or a media center frontend.
-Storage/transport will likely be on external hdds, sometimes flash drives, or NAS.

Would some of the fine folks here give me recommendations on:

  1. Best settings to use for extracting/archiving.

  2. Format to save in? It seems that I’ve been ripping the whole thing to VOB files (separated into Video_TS and Audio_TS folders). While VLC does have an option to “open folder”, I’m not sure that other programs or devices would be so friendly. If they only allow me to open a “file” instead of “open folder”, is there a standard one which is always the menu?

  3. As I begin to accumulate movies on external hdd’s, advice on how to organize and access them? Basically a Songbird or itunes for movies?

I realize that this might not be the best forum for a generalized question like this, but I didn’t see one for general handling of extracted dvd’s, or best practices.

Thanks for any help