Advice on best DVD/RW speed and accuracy




I’m buying a new high-end, power computer for home and business use, and I’d like help with the best model and brand of internal DVD/RW.

Cost is not an issue - I want the highest speed for burning most formats, and lowest error. I am looking at purchasing 2, in case one doesn’t work. I can buy 3 or 4 if necessary, as I have had problems in the past using NEC.

My supplier has access to Pioneer, Sony, Samsung and Liteon. If there is another brand that is better/model, I can install myself.

I was looking at buying 1 x Pioneer DVR-109 - the reviews are better than most, but not optimum. Liteon’s site does not give any info at the moment about their DVD/RW (it’s still under construction, and I called them with no success), but I found the SOHW-1653sx, and there’s very few reviews via google.

Pioneer has the DVR-A09XL, but I have also found few reviews.

Samsung has TS-H552U and Sony has DRU-72A.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with some success stories!




If you want stories keep reading the various threads here. If you want a great drive that works everyday, purchase the BenQ 1620.


For best speed and DVD-RAM, the LG 4163 is your choice. The Pioneer is one of the slowest (relatively speaking). The LG also offers excellent burn quality, and is one of the only sub-5:30 min 16x burners.