Advice on Bargain TV Tuner's?



I have Windows XP sp 2 with media center in a pc I have had since december.I also have Dish Network TV with a DVR.I am thinking of buying a TV tuner for my pc.I would like to get one that I can use to get the movies on my DVR from my satellite to my pc.But I would really prefer not to put a great deal of money into one.I would like some suggestions of which ones to look at.Also will I need to get any software to convert the images once I get them on the pc?I have an ATI Radeon X1300 series graphics card.


How do you think that should work?
IIRC, you cannot “copy” the movies from Dish to your hdd.


I thought that maybe you could hook the cables from the DVR to the TV tuner and just,I don’t know maybe start the program.You know like you were watching it and save it to the hd that way.Them maybe use some sort of compression tool to shrink it down some.Wouldn’t that work?