Advice on a new SATA Burner

I want to get a new SATA DVD burner, preferably with a silver bezel to match my Lian-Li case. The only three I can find in stock at reputable e-tailers with a silver bezel are an ASUS DRW-1814BLT-SL, the Pioneer DVR-212D, and the Pioneer DVR-215D. From the reviews I’ve seen, I take it that either of the Pioneers is going to be superior to the ASUS, correct? With that out of the way, which of the DVR-212D and the DVR-215D are better? How are they different? Or is the much-favored Samsung SH-S203B that much better than both that it would be worth it to get it even without a silver bezel? Thanks. :slight_smile:

If it helps, I’ll mostly use it for ripping CDs, watching DVD movies, and burning Linux ISO’s and backups. I use mostly Sony, TDK, and Imation-branded made-in-India-or-Taiwan CDs and DVDs, which I assume are low-quality, except for occasional backups to Verbatims.

Hi :slight_smile:
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My experience is that the Pioneer 115/215 drives are the best quality DVD burners around.
Working well with a variety of media.
The Pioneer loses out marginally of the burn quality with CDR’s. But only just.
The Samsung is fast & a reasonable balance in terms of DVD burn quality.
It is also very good with CDR’s.
The Asus should give good results, although I’ve not bothered with Asus drives for a couple of year.
This was initially down to availability, nothing else.
I would place the Pioneer 1st followed by the Samsung. The Asus no doubt would be a respectable 3rd.

Having the ASUS, the Samsung and the 212D I would recommend the 212 first, followed by the Samsung.

Thanks for the welcome and the recommendations. :slight_smile: Looks like Pioneer it is, and I can’t say I’m disappointed, them being one of the few to offer silver-bezeled drives. Think it matters whether I go for the 212D or the 215D?

Hi :slight_smile:
I have both.
Personally the 215 edges it.
However if you already had a 212 you would not be disappointed at all.
Remember the newer drive will also have longer support.

Good point, so it looks like the 215D is the better bet. I don’t have either right now; I’m just looking to upgrade a NEC ND-3450A that is beginning to be a bit erratic, or just doesn’t like the JMicron 363 chipset on my newish motherboard (GA-P35C-DS3R). Anyway, parallel ATA is [I]so[/I] last year, so with how low DVD burner prices are. might as well get a new one. :bigsmile: