Advice on a new optical drive

is there a thread here somewhere or perhaps a poll where ican see what brand drives others prefer to buy or use? coz im lost right now too many brands too many features dont know where to start or perhaps any advice im looking for a burner which is reliable fast and affordable (midrange in price) just for practical use burning/extracting audio,data,video formats. thanx to all! nice forum you got here. :bow: :bigsmile:

Hi aben4rent and Welcome to CD Freaks.:slight_smile: Have a look here. It will give you a good idea of what’s available and what drive will fit your needs.

hi aben4rent.
You are headed in the right direction by joining cdfreaks. I have learned a
real lot from all these people Seems like everyone is willing to help you figure
out the do’s from the don’ts. I have had very good results with BENQ DW1620’s (have 3) and BENQ DW1640’s (have 1). They both burn excellent
with good quality media. They also burn very good with cheap media if you
have to use it. I think my second choice is the NEC 3520 (have 2) and the NEC 3540 (have 1). Both have the capability to burn excellently with good media, but dont seem to like low quality stuff. To me it seems that BENQ’s
do better with +R discs, while the NEC’s like -R’s. Enjoy!


The first thing you need to do is determine which media you will plan to use. Decide whether you will buy online or locally and see what is available. If you can get TY media, you will get very good burns with most top line drives.

Then do some reading and see if you want to scan, if you want bitsetting, and if you think you will need to read or burn RAM media.

Lastly decide if you want to mess around with hacked firmware or if you want to just stick with the basics.

Liteon, NEC, Pioneer, LG, and BenQ all make good choices. Some of these make drives with quality problems and some have firmware problems to work out. All of them have brand new drive announced.

Take your time and you will be happy and informed. If you are in a hurry, get a Liteon 1693.


I agree with chas0039 - if you want to make a quick - and safe purchase - get the Lite-On 1693s - it is a very good all around drive-


hiya people! im impressed with the warm welcome and the replies i get. im from philippines where piracy is at its peak :bigsmile: i think ty and other high end medias are rare and expensive here meanwhile generics and low to medium class media like generics, philips, iomega etc. are more accessible and affordable. i think ill just pick a burner thats robust and down right dirty, ill play with the firmware coz i like modding things. dont really need a dvd compatible drive ill buy a separate drive for that. il just need the right one for burning data and audio cds coz that what i use mostly. ive heard a lot of good things with lite-on’s but dont know a specific model. think ill short list this three


beacuse these three are more accessible here. pls name me some models.thnx to all ill inform you with which one ill pick…


Lite-On model number in the two posts before your last one-


Asus is usually a Pioneer drive and I would avoid it as my Pioneer 109 is just average for burning except with MCC 003 and it will not scan nor support bitsetting and fast ripping at the same time.

A lot of people here adore BenQ in spite of their poor record of quality control and a BIG batch of bad 1620s. The only model readily available is the 1640 and it still needs a little firmware work, although it may be good as of the last update. The 1650 has been announced and shows almost no change so it is a puzzle as to why they are announcing it so soon after the 1640.

The Liteon 1693 does very well with the current firmware and supports scanning, fast ripping, and bitsetting. The 1635 has been announced and is considered not as good. This is common when the original firmware still needs work.

Of these three, there is no question, and I own all three brands. Liteon.