Advice needed!

Ok here we go.

I’m about to get a new cd-writer but spending hours reading about different ones has just gotten me confused!

What I need is a CDRW that is capable of at least burning patchable copies of discs protected by sd2. Burn-Proof is also preferrable though not 100% necessary.

I’ve narrowed it down to the following writers :
-Memorex SixteenMaxx
-Lite-On 121040 Superlink
-Sony Crx168E or 160E
-LG CED-8120B
-Yamaha CDRW2100E
-Plextor PX-W1610TA
-Phillips CDRW800

Plextor would be the obvious choice, but all the talk about co-op with Macrovision and inability to read sub-channel data (according to CloneCD) has gotten me somewhat confused.

Does anyone have positive/negative experiences with any of the above? The Memorex is by now my nr.1 choice.
I would really appreciate quick responses as I’m getting a new one this week!

Thanks in advance…!

The plextor PX-W1610TA won’t burn sd2, but if you can wait another month, then buy the plextor PX-W2410TA, it will burn sd2 without any probs (and all the other protections as well). :stuck_out_tongue:

Plexwriter 24/10/40 definitely the best choice…
The 16/10 does NOT write SD2!

Consider the Philips 1208K (u didnt list this tho so maybe theres a reason!) however the Phillips is 12x8x32 however it has no BurnProof, however Seamless Link can be applied thru the latest firmware. This is like BurnProof and Justlink however is ALWAYS ON which means u wont need software compatibility so its just as good (Read the Acer reviews at for an insight into Seamless Link). Anyway, the Philips can write SD2 however im not sure about its read performance, which is the only bad thing about the Plextor 24x writer :(. It takes about an hour to read the SD2 image (or even SD1) which is why i will be holding back from this one. Unless you have another means of successfully imaging the SD1/2 discs i dont think you will be overly impressed by the new plextor drive. The 16x writer however can read the SD1/2 discs in a few minutes, but cannot write SD2, only SD1. If it writes the SD2 disc however, u can play the disc in the Plextor drive itself, but no other drives…

ppl say about collaboration with MAcrovision and Plextor, its all about older plextor drives being able to copy SD2 however newer firmwares disabling this feature. However seeing as Plextor’s latest 24x writer has the ability to copy SD2, i dont see as this holds much weight.

SD2 incompatibilty was NOT due to firmware…
it was strictly a hardware issue!!!

Works great - both writing and reading sd2…

Difficult to get a hold of though but absolutely a cheap and good investment:cool:

Thanks for all the replies…!!

Originally posted by Digital Mayhem
Plexwriter 24/10/40 definitely the best choice…
The 16/10 does NOT write SD2!

Yes and no. The 24/10/40 is capable to copy almost everthing if you can find the wright firmware (and this is not the one which is provided by plextor) Plextor made his firmware so some protection will work on the new writer:( but there are some (older) firmware that does the trick to copy those cd.

Originally posted by Digital Mayhem
SD2 incompatibilty was NOT due to firmware…
it was strictly a hardware issue!!!

If u read the guides on Gamecopyworld that are about backing up games, they say they tried copying SD2 with old Plextor models and (i think a 12x plextor, not sure the model) using any Firmware below (!) 1.4 they could burn SD2 discs properly, however now all version below 1.4 were no longer posted on Plextors site, however the older ones exist if u guessed the filename, but these were also modified from the original versions. This is speculation on GCW part that there is collaboration between Macrovision and Plextor (among others)…

te best drive on the market now is
lite-on 241040 this copies sd2 as the drive is
a badged plextor and is cheaper at £125

my vote is the Plextor 16/10/40 since BetaBlocker was released. I can now burn everything with it and it can read SD1/2 very fast too. This is now the perfect burner imho. Be good if it still worked tho! My plextor has (since BetaBlocker made me all excited) taken a turn for the worst, thank god for Plextor’s lovely after sales service :slight_smile: