Advice Needed



Hi guys, newbie here needing advice.

I have recently started converting and burning films and have encountered no problems doing this but I am having problems when it comes to episodes.

The episodes are only 20 minutes each so even when converted from AVI they are only around 500mb which would be enough to fit 8 or 9 on a DVD. I was told to download DVD Flick as it was easy to use and would create menus so I could fit several episodes on a disc for ease of use on a dvd player. When I convert and burn through this program, I can only fit 3 episodes max which isn’t really convenient.

Does anyone know what software I need to be able to burn 8 episodes at a time to one dvd. Preferably this needs to be free!

I have had a trawl around the forum but cannot find anything specific to what I want.



FAVC comes set up for eight to a disk. Also uses a good quality encoder, but at 160 minutes per disk don’t expect it to look great.


Thanks mate, I will have a look.