Advice Needed on SB Live! DE 5.1 SE

I have a SB Live! DE 5.1 SE

  1. For those who are using SB Live!, are you all using the latest Live! Ware? I am not sure whether to download the Creative drivers or Compaq drivers. Which one is the better one ? According to a sound card review site,, I can use Audigy drivers for my sound card. Is it true ?

  2. My current speakers, Creative CS 100 (old one) has a frequency range up to 20kHz ? Does that means I can enjoy audio playbacks up to 20kHz ony ? My sound card can support up to 48kHz of audio playback. Does good speaker sets have higher frequency range ?

  3. Since Audigy can support up to 24bit/96kHz of audio playback, is there any speakers which supports this specs (24bit/96kHz). Does the bitrate and the frequency range affect the qualityof the sound ? If yes, does this apply to both sound cards and speakers ?

Thanks for replying.

  1. Yes you can use drivers from the Audigy on the Live, but why would you wanna do that? Since you won’t get any improvements by doing that (the soundquality depends on the hardware) I don’t see a point. Only if you are into unforseen errors this is nice :).
    I’ve got a SB Live and a SB Audigy. The Live runs on the XP drivers from MS, the Audigy runs on the latest 2k drivers from Creative.

  2. You understood it all wrong ;). The 48kHz is the sample rate the soundcard can handle at max, while the 20kHz is the max frequency the speaker can produce.
    Sample rate: how many times per second a sample of sound is taken and digitized.
    Frequency: how “high” or “low” the tone is.

  3. I think I already answered that question partually.
    The sample rate, bit rate and frequency response do all influence the quality of the sound.
    Sample rate: the higher the better (theoretically)
    Bit rate: the higher the better (theoretically once again)
    Frequency response: depens on your flavour. Ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz are quite common. It’s not only the width of the range that is responsable for the sound, it’s also the way the speaker responds to a frequency…

Hope I helped you out a little :slight_smile: