Advice needed on "new old stock" Plextor PX W1210TA




I just bought a “new old stock” (=unused, originally packed/sealed) Plextor PX W1210TA - that is still a “real” Plextor, and one of the few I know of that has all the features one would look for with audio extraction:
Accurate-Rip, NO chaching of audio, C2-reporting, overread into leadin AND leadout, HTOA, CDtext.
But: doing a research on the internet, I discovered, that there are different firmware revisions out there. So my question is about the quality of the firmware and it’s enhancements/downsides.

As I mentioned above, this drive does not cache audio - at least up to firmware revision 1.4 (for sure) or 1.5 (opinions are different there).
I do not know, yet, which firmware will be on the drive, once it arrives, but I was able to download different firmware revisions from the plextor (japanese) website.

  • Does anybody know, whether higher firmware revisions (after 1.5) support the FUA-command to clear the cache?
  • would it be better to install 1.4 (1.5???) to have “for sure” non-audio-caching or are the improvements of higher revision worthwhile to go for these and have the downside, that the drive actually does cache audio and try to get rid of the caching with either FUA or other means offered by the ripping software?

I will use the drive ONLY for ripping my CD-collection, that was the only purpose I bought it for, since I do not trust those DVD-burners in terms of ultimate extraction qualitiy (I will use dbPoweramps newly designed ripping software). I only want to rip my collection once and I DO want an as high and bitperfect rip as possible…

Thanks for helping me in that matter.

Btw.: if anybody does have experiences with the wellknown Yamaha F1-drive from “back then” - how would that compare to the W1210TA (I found an almost unused one in an friend’s computer, and he wants to get rid of it…)


I used the SCSI version for quite a while for audio work. I neve had any issues with audio extraction quality using Plextools. I’ve no idea how good dbPoweramp is for ripping nowadays but older versions weren’t up to the job. Plextools and EAC are the only programs I’d trust (but I may be out of date).




I still use the SCSI version (till yesterday when my SCSI card died) and i must say i am very pleased with this drive (good ripping quality and very good burn quality).
With a Plextor i would use Plextools or EAC for CD ripping.
The Yamaha F-1 is also a good burner and i would say its hard to say which is better. If i would have the chance to buy a F-1 from a friend i wouldnt think twice and buy it.