Advice Needed on Making a VCD



Advice Needed on Making a VCD
1, Is it best to make a VCD with a MPG’2 or MPG’1 ?
2, Which Program is Best for Converting or Encoding AVI & DAT Files to Either MPG’1 or MPG’2 ?
3, Which CD-Disks are best to use to make a VCD. Traxdata, Verbatim, Maxell, Phillips, BASF. ?
I know VCD’s work on My Home DVD player as I have some VCD’s I would like to Put all my Grandchildren Videos onto CD and watch them on the big screen TV Iv tried to make some VCD’s but have failed they Play on my Computer but not in the DVD Can anyone HELP ME PLEASE


Go to this site:
and next time, try the ‘search’ function,
this way you can find many things fast…
good luck, MetalFoeps

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