Advice needed on HDD and DVD writer

Hi, I want to buy me a new HD and a DVD±


Samsung 160GB, 8MB Cache, U100 - Price EUR 110
Wester Digital 160GB, 8 MB Cache, U133 - Price EUR 145


BTC DRW-1004 IM (DVD± 4x, CDR 40x) - Price EUR 160
LG GSA-4040B (DVD±4x, RAM 3x, CDR 24x) - Price EUR 185

Advice needed, I can not make up my mind. :bow:[I]

go for the wd and lg

btw update the firmware of the sony crx for 80 min cd support version 1.0n

Hi, thanks for the advice.

I finaly bought:

Samsung 160GB, 8MB Cache, U133
LG GSA-4040B (DVD±4x, RAM 3x, CDR 24x)

So far, I am happy with it. :smiley: Need to play around some more with it.

The GSA-4040B seem to burn all kind of media. No problems yet.

I wouldn’t buy that drive. For a more few bucks I would buy the Plextor 708-A drive.
And I wouldn’t buy the Samsung HDD drive too, I’d rather buy the WD drive. Samsung HDD’s are not bad, but WD has better performance. Samsung HDD’s are known for their low noise level.