Advice needed on buying new dvd player/tired of troubles with my old player

Hi all,

I currently have a “MAGNUM DVD PLAYER 2004”. I had lots of issues with this player the last 2 years. Few dvd’s simply won’t load and almost half of the movies that I burned start to hang after an hour or half an hour. As if the player can’t read it anymore. The next day, when I start to play the movie from the scene where it started to hang the previous day, it plays that same scene and rest perfectly but again after half an hour or an hour the image starts hanging again. So I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with my software or media. The rest works fine but its hard to tell why that is. Guess luck is all that’s involved then… All of the discs play well in my pc though.
Believe me, this was a 2 year process where I tried different brands of dvd’s and cd’s, different burn speeds, different type of media, different encoding and burning software…
I also discussed this in google forums and although the topic started as a software discussion, they advised me to buy a new player because those lasers are better and they support more formats, etc (and I have to admit that my current player is an unknown AND old player).
In short: I need to buy a more recent player that is more reliable.
Google forum advised me the PHILIPS DVP5960 which looks really nice to me in terms of price and supported media. However, I’d like to hear someone else’s opinion too. They recommended me to this forum anyway for the final advice. However, for this you’ll need to know my preferences, which is in fact simple:

  1. Why PHILIPS: My burner is PHILIPS type DVDRW824 and the movies that DO work are mostly PHILIPS discs. So I thought sticking to the same brand can only do me good.

  2. Features: I entered a search query based on the features that I want on and this gave me a list with 13 players, of which the PHILIPS DVP5960 that they recommended to me:
    Go to

  3. What is most important to me is RELIABILITY and STABILITY. In other words, when I burn a dvd, whether it’s a dvd+/-r or dvd+/-rw I want the player to be able to read it. The words “maybe”, “sometimes” and “that depends” are not in my dictionnary. Either it works or it doesn’t. Edit:OKok, a little flexibility maybe so lets say if AT LEAST 95% of dvds/cds work once I found a good brand and type, I’m happy too.

I just love because there are so many user reviews. More specifically I like it when users make a loooong list of supported media, for instance, “1 Verbatim (DataLifePlus) 4xDVD+RW, 5 plays 0 dont play.” Unfortunately the type PHILIPS DVP5960 only has 2 of those entries and those are even brands (dynex, princo) that I’ve never heard of before. But I know where to buy this player here in Belgium, Europe so I’m only || this close to buying it.

What do you guys/girls think, because after all, you’re the experts (ok, now lets hope the a$$kissing is going to do the trick :bigsmile: )

Your advice is very much appreciated and thanks in advance