Advice Needed: Is Nero the Solution for me?



I’d like to create a photo-cd for my in-laws who are not terribly computer savy. They have an older Gateway running W98, and for their AOL email, I guess its OK. Gawd… they are still on dial-up because my FIL doesn’t want the cable company drilling holes all over his house to run the cable to where his pc is.

Anyway, I’d like to put together something that will autorun in his CD drive, and when it comes up, there will be a menu of picture albums and perhaps some short family movie clips. I’d like for him to be able to click on the album icon and then pick from a selection, and then that selection could autoplay. When done, there would be some obvious means to replay or go back to the previous menu. And it would be really neat if it would also allow him to stop at a picture, and print it on his color printer.

So is Nero 7.x the program to do this? I have both Nero and the Slysoft suite on my pc… but I don’t think the Slysoft programs offer any sort of slide show builder. Suggestions, ideas? TIA! :slight_smile:


If you already have Nero, have you tried NeroVision to make your slideshow?

NeroVision will make a slide show. It will put chapters with different slides in it.

You have options for button navigation as far as what happens after a show is done.

I don’t think you can stop at a picture and print, but you can add the original photos to the CD and even an HTML index, although I haven’t tried it.

You may have a bit of a learning curve, but you need to try for yourself. Check out the user file in the link and after you have played with it for a while, come back if you need to ask specific questions.


You could consider making two discs. One with your menu of “shows”…be it stills or movies or combinations…Nero then.
And the other simply with the file of the pix…in full size etc, which he can select and print as he wishes.

Don´t forget that a simple file of pictures can be selected from within Windows Media thingy (dunno what it´s called in English but you know the one which normally lets you look at photos)…then press the slide show button…ok, it´s not autorun or with soundtracks, but it might be a nice way for the non-computer savvy.


Use Nero Burning ROM ISO data CD to burn all your photo files the use “MyAlbum” from www, (freeware) to have your entire burnt picture in to this album.