Advice needed - HTPC DVD-reader + DVD-burner

I need help and hopefully this is the place to get it :).

I’m in the process of buying two new drives and I have no clue what to get. Any ideas?

Drive1 – HTPC DVD-reader
I’m building a HTPC and need a DVD drive that:

  • Should be able to reliably read pretty much any DVD media.
  • Scanning could be important right?
  • Should be very quiet.
  • Speed is not important.
  • CD reading not very important.

Drive2 – DVD burner
I also need a new DVD burner for my other computer. Probably going to write mostly on MCC004 DVD+R media (have a hard time locating cheap Yuden media).

  • Best possible burns for archiving.
  • Speed is not that important.
  • CD reading/writing not important.
  • DVD reading not important.
  • Lightscribe is a plus but not that important.
  1. Lite-On SHD-16P1S (very quiet drive, good reader, reads DVD-RAM format)
  2. Samsung SH-S182M (18× DVD burner, 12×DVD-RAM burning support, LightScribe, very good CD & DVD writing quality)