Advice needed for dvdr

I have a Philips dvdr 1000 that I took in for repair to a philips repair shop on 11/20/2004, they called me in december and said that they couldn’t repair the dvdr 1000. Since it was under warranty, philips would replace the unit. On 12/31/2004 the repair center called me and said that philips would repalce the dvdr 1000 with a dvd740vr!!!

Question, I think the dvd740vr is like a tivo kind of unit and its not really what I would call a dvdr unit, should I tell them to put the dvd740vr where the shine don’t shine and hold off for a regular dvdr unit like the dvdr 615 etc? I already have a direct tv/tivo unit and I was using that to record to my dvdr 1000 (which I loved!!!). Personally I think their trying to screwing me over by offering me the dvd740vr instead of offering me a dvdr unit.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

the DVD740vr is a VCR and DVD playback unit. IT IS NOT A DVDR UNIT!!

I would not even consider the offer, its like taking in your Plextor DVD±RW drive and them replacing it with a marker pen & a generic CD ROM drive.

Thanks for getting back to me, I thought it was a piece of sh*t!! I called them back and told them I wanted a dvdr!!! they said they would get back to me, maybe they will call me back in Feb (ha ha) I will play their waiting game and see what they come up with. Thanks for getting back me.

Well Philips called me back (surprised like hell) and they said they would replace my dvdr 1000 with a hdrw-720/17 any thoughts on this model?

They said it was 3 steps above the dvdr 1000 series. any input on this?

Not bad, take a look here for the amazon customer review of the unit

Its a HDD / DVDR recorder so it should fill the slot you need but its upto you.

I have a DVDR80 (+RW drive & no HDD) and am very satisfied with it, however it is paired to a Sky+ HDD recorder so is only used to copy off stuff that I want to archive

Was this a “free replacement”?

The best Philips Ireland (I live in the UK btw and was passed to Philips Ireland by Philips UK - why, I do not know) have offered me for my dead 980 is a 615 at a “discounted price” of £150. Should I hold out for the 720?