Advice needed for burner & SW for Xbox360 game backup



Hey guys,

I’m a 2nd time newbie & haven’t done any backing up of CD/DVD’s in over 5+ years. I use to visit this site regular a lot when it was CDFreaks (I still have a CDFreaks T-shirt in my closet) but have been completely out of the loop the past several years. Next week I’ll be ordering parts from Newegg to build a new gaming rig & I was wondering if you guys could give me recommendations on a burner & software for backing up Xbox 360 games & PC games?

My son cracked his Xbox360 COD Black Ops disk yesterday & he’s having major withdrawals from not being able to play online with his buddy. I’m going to buy him a used disk from GameStop this weekend but before I let him play it I want to back it up first.

Any help you guys can give me very much appreciated. Thanks


It is highly not advisable to play multiplayer online with a backup game. It will require a new firmware in the Xbox drive. This will eventually be picked up by the Xbox Live police squad and your console will be banned forever.