Advice Needed: DVD Recorder for Work/Office use

I bought a LDW-411S drive for personal use on Black Friday, and I’ve been incredibly pleased with it, once I updated to FS0F. It works beautifully and reliably under Linux.

We need to buy a DVD recorder for work, and my boss would like to buy one of the faster drives because they’re not much more expensive. Since the drive will be installed in a Linux server, and reliability is key, I figured I’d just run this by everyone here.

Are there major differences between the various model numbers? We’re trying to decide between the 411S, 451S, 811S and 851S. Furthermore, we can get all of them as OEM or Retail. Is there a difference in terms of quality / reliability between them? I’ve gotten burned on commodity items like this with OEM, so just making sure they’re actually the same unit, just without the packaging.

Thanks a lot for your advice!

Oh, and we were just going to buy from newegg, but if you have an opinion on a vendor, that would be welcome as well.

Finally, a drive with an already-stable firmware would be advantageous, as I will have no trouble upgrading the firmware after purchase in a windows machine, but once it’s installed into the linux box, I don’t want to have to pull it out to re-flash the firmware in a windows machine.

Thanks again.

Probably too late a reply to be any good to you now, however if anyone does a search later…

I’ve personally had problems trying to use the 451S under Linux. Apparently there’s a known firmware bug (at least in GSB6) that prevents the drive being seen as a writable device, and hence, ignored by cdrecord/dvdrecord.

cdrecord-prodrive includes a hack to force detection of the drive (not that I was able to get it to work, or would want to be reliant on a closed-source program). I couldn’t find any other hacks or whatever that could’ve helped…

I’m about to return this drive to the retailer and get a replacement 411S, however I don’t supposed the only-just-officially-released GSB7 firmware fixes the problem?