Advice Needed concerning Acronis True Image Install

I just installed a 1TB hard disk in an external enclosure. I will use this external disk drive as a backup disk for my three computers.

I’m now ready to install my brand new “Acronis PC Backup & Recovery” software so I can begin my backups. My questions are as follows:

Am I “required” to install the Acronis backup software on the same disk that my operating system (XP Home) is installed on? In all cases XP is installed on the C drive of each computer. The C drive has several partitions but the C drive partition is nearly full. Could I install Acronis on another partition of the same drive since my C drive is nearly out of free space? What would you recommend and why?

Or alternatively, is it possible to install Acronis on the external 1TB disk that will be used as my backup disk for all three home computers?

I’m just a tad confused about the use of Aronis. Help please. Thank you.

BTW, are there compelling reasons why I should partition the 1TB hard drive? If so what are the reasons and how would you partition the 931GB “useable” hard drive (how is the other 69GB being used)? Is there a reason I should not leave it as a 931GB partition/drive?

You should be able to install the software on any drive that you want.

If the site says you can run the software off a thumb drive or external enclosure then it might work find on your external drive.

the reason why it might not work on your external drive is if it stores any information in the registry or in your users location that is required from when it was installed.

if your just going to install it on a different drive that is not a usb drive then you should be fine.

IMO the best option is to make Acronis boot CD after it’s installed because that’s the only way to run it in the event of OS boot failure. Once the boot CD is created and tried to make sure it works you can uninstall Acronis from the hard drive if you like. Acronis also has a BartPE plugin that may be used to make a BartPE boot CD which was my choice because other utilities can be included on a BartPE CD. FYI in my case the program wouldn’t run from Acronis boot CD which is another reason I chose the BartPE option.

I’d recommend partitioning the 931GB into 2 equal size partitions, and make a copy of 1 partition onto the other. By doing this you have a second backup if any data becomes corrupt for some reason. Of course you’d still have a problem if the hardware failed, but you at least have a backup for corrupt data problems if they occur.