[Advice needed] AD-7203 vs DVR-216 vs SH-S223

Hi my fellow CDFreaks :slight_smile:

I’m new to the community, so first of all, hi, and I hope to serve as much as I can and get some help when needed.

I’m building a new rig and need to get decided among this 3 units:

Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7203S

Pioneer DVR-216

Samsung SH-S223

I’m searching a versatile unit, with frequent firmware upgrades, and that produces extremely high quality burns, no matter how much it costs. I don’t care at all about speeds, as I burn most of my media at a low speed so as to avoid issues typical from high speed burnings. I’m almost decided with the Optiarc unit, as I’ve been using Sony/NEC units for years. But every advice is very appreciated :slight_smile:

Many thanks.

Welcome to CDF jfromeo.
1st exclude the 223 from your list ([B]Check out this review[/B]).
The other two drives are very similar, performance.
This is not surprising as both use NEC chipsets.
I have the 7203S* & it is very good.
However I also have the Pioneer which as always, in my experience. Just manages to get that bit more.

  • Bear in my that you have patched f/w + support from here, should you opt for the NEC.

Hi jfromeo,
AD-7203 would be my choice - it is probably the best available SL burner and very good CD-R and DL burner :bow:

Wouldn’t even think about touching the Sammy 223 as a burner. The Nec 7203 has been out longer then the 216 so the firmware should be farther along atm, however both drives are good options. The NEC is cheaper over here, which is one of the reasons I own one instead of a recent Pioneer. Both NEC and Pioneer seem to do well with putting out new firmwares, making them useful for longer.