Advice for purchasing computer parts



Hi guys,

Basically I would like some advice on parts I would like to purchase. What you think of them and what price range you should expext for them.

Intle Core 2 Duo E8400

MSI Motherboard - G31M3-F (1333 Mhz, supports the C2D E8400)

AOC 22 Inch Widescreen LSD Monitor

2 Gig (2 x 1) DDR2 Ram 667Mhz

80 Gig Hard drive (Sata II)

Im not sure on all the brand names of the ram and Hard Drive, I’d say the ram isn’t a brand name but basically I can get all this for $350 AUD. (I am in Australia)

Any feedback would be great!



I am partial to Biostar T-Force motherboards. They have never disappointed me. You should get 800 mhz RAM since it really isn’t much, if any, more than 667 mhz RAM. Also, you should be able to get a 160 GB hard drive for just a little more than an 80 GB drive. I recommend this motherboard:


So a few questions Nathan. How much are you looking to spend all together, 350AUD?. What do you plan on doing with the computer, basic stuff, or play games? What online stores are good to buy parts in Australia, this way we can see whats available.


wow check this out guys, a G45 board showed up on newegg SUPERMICRO MBD-C2SEA-O LGA 775 Intel G45 HDMI ATX

An excellent budget/performance intel chip is the E7200


Go for a G45 motherboard, it’s way better than G33 and G35. Have in mind that the Supermicro motherboard mention above only supports DDR3 and uses the ICH10 southbridge. As for memory get one (single) 2Gb DIMM instead of two.
As for HDD get at least 500Gb, 80Gb is just a waste of money and space (not to mention they’re slow by todays standards).


Awwe that sucks, DDR3 is still a rip off. I wouldn’t get the board now, maybe in a year when performance/price gets better. lol


I like as well,plus I use sometimes,but shipping might be a factor.Another good place to find what you are looking for is they list competiting vendors and you can get some great deals at times.
One nice thing about about Newegg is the customer reviews,sometimes you can see potential problems people may encounter with a product you are interested in. and and its Paypal counter part let you deal with individuals,but I have been ripped off using eBay and Paypal so becareful