Advice for friend



I just had a friend download the trial to see if the program will work for her. She told me it’s been an hour in the ripping process. I know mine doesn’t take that long. Any suggestions for her?


Probably the devices connected to the primary and secondary IDE channels are not running in DMA mode. Verify if Device Manager. I would delete both IDE channels are reboot. Windows should reload the appropriate drivers.

What is the speed of the PC? There are many variables. Provide more details about the system and setup.


Can you give me exact instructions for your suggestions? Not too experienced with the computer settings. Thank you for the quick response. Stephanie


Righ click My Computer\Properties\Harware\Device Manager. Open the IDE ATA Controllers. Right click Primary IDE channel and Uninstall. Repeat for Secondary IDE channel.


MSMAL – it depends on the speed of your friends computer. I have a friend who has a P3 and it takes him over an hour to rip on full movie…while on my P4 with the current bells and things it takes just around 20 mins.


I have two primary and two secondary…are you supposed to have two each or one?


Each IDE channel can accomodate two devices. Attach a picture of the IDE screen.