Advice for an L.A. vacation



This is for anyone who has vacationed in L.A. before or anyone who lives around there.

I am planning an L.A. vacation this summer. I’ve never been there, but i know it’s great and I love the ocean (only seen the Atlantic, however). The key is getting a decent hotel on the beach. Are there any neighboring, lesser known, smaller towns (I was thinking San Pedro for example) that might be better bets as this is all about relaxing and “getting away”. As long as I’m within a half hour from L.A. I should be fine. I can drive from there to see Hollywood, catch a Dodgers game, and all the other normal tourist-type things.

My problem is that, never having been there, I’m stuck with AAA advice. If you go to a AAA tourbook, it says what’s there, where to eat, sleep, what things cost, but the locals or frequent travellers may have some better insights and secrets.

Also is there anything there out of the ordinary I’ve got to see that usally you wouldn’t think of when thinking of L.A.? Are there any famous clubs left like the Whiskey anymore?

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Suggest looking for reasonable motel in either Redondo or Manhattan Beach - should be more reasonable than say Santa Monica or even Long Beach - San Pedro is mostly industrial or has severe cliffs - not to much beach there-

Lotsa great places to eat in and around LA - Dodger dogs are da bomb!!

Have a good trip - I know that the LA locals will help y’all out - and there are a bunch of 'em-eh!


That can vary alot there. I used to live in Garden Grove and if your not used to driving in [B]ALOT[/B] of traffic, time for same trip depends on the time of day and wrecks. Huntington Beach is a nice beach. Ocean is cold around LA beaches. Don’t forget to go to [B]Venice Beach[/B]! Say hi to the black dude on roller skates playing guitar for me. Have a great time there.


I moved to one of the beach cities recently and this area just rocks (yeah, ok, exclude the traffic)

Decent places to stay would be Irvine, Huntington Beach etc (some areas of Orange county are bad though :p)

Things you should not miss when you’re here:

  • Universal Studios
  • Disneyland
  • Hollywood (especially the Hooters on Hollywood blvd :D)
  • Surfin at Huntington beach if u r into it, even otherwise the place rocks!
  • San Diego if u wanna drive ~ 3 hrs

thats all I can think of right now…


hey if ya go to huntington beach…get me a shirt at hollister’s :wink:


One thing I remember about Santa Monica is the wait at the 405 and 110 junction …it was excruciating :frowning:

Oh yeah the pier’s good, cant complain, nice chicks.


And i’ll take a Jack’s Surfboard t-shirt size XL please :rolleyes: The one i have is getting worn :frowning:


Have you been to Venice Beach? It’s just south of Santa Monica.


Thanks for all the information. Redondo, Manhattan, and Huntington are on the possible list now. Venice Beach was already on the “to see” list (for 15 years now). Going to Hollywood definitely.

How are the public beaches in those three places I mentioned. Are they too overcrowded (in early June) or a little dirty? Asking because the times I’ve been to Florida the private hotel beaches were better than public. I’m probably better off getting a beachside hotel.

BTW, should I have any problem getting Dodger tickets the day of game. I know I won’t get the greatest seats, but a weekday game vs. the Cubs e.g. shouldn’t be sold out, right?


No not yet!


When i visited E3 (May 2006) i visited LA as well :slight_smile:

Universal Studios: nice, but very old as well. Quite proud of their 60’s and 70’s movies.

Santa Monica Pier: what’s it about? It’s boring. Watching beggars putting on their iPods is funny, but the pier itself is just… a pier… whoopee. Good fish restaurant at the end though.

I really hated the traffic jams three times a day. People said to me that everyday 9 million people are in the traffic jams.

LA is HUGE. (Hey, i’m from the Netherlands! :slight_smile: ) The people are very friendly. The cheap food sucks, the expensive food is doable.

LA is devided in big areas/blocks. Poor block, rich block, poor block, rich block, etc. Blocks are boring, driving through LA is boring, poor blocks are scary. Rich blocks are clean, but no fun.


It helps if you know someone that lives there to show you around. Sounds like you got a guided tour or something? A 3 or 4 day visit just isn’t enough.
I have family there all over surrounding LA mostly in Orange County though. Friends that live in northern LA in LA County and i had a great time when i lived there for 3 yrs. (My wife grew up there so i got a great tour!) I’d like to go back to LA for a visit.

I guess it would probably be the same to me if i visited the Netherlands and knew no-one.


Actually not a guided tour, but we had to squeeze as much things as possible in the spare free time we had during the E3. Our hotel was next to Disneyland and we were supposed to be in the convention center from 8 am to 6 pm.

We took one day off to visit Universal Studios and the rest was based on very unreliable holiday tip books. Once we popped out the Lonely Planet Guide (when we were already in San Fransisco) of the United States we were pleasantly surprised with all the possibilities and fun things to do in California. Lonely Planet kicks ass, the other books suck.

Still, we visited Santa Monica Pier and drove around LA we were quite dissapointed how it all looks. It’s a big city. Huge, but grey and sad. Perhaps we should have been more around nature or so.

We also went to Las Vegas (fun, but a lot of fat people) and Yosemite Park (absolutely beautiful).

I guess it would probably be the same to me if i visited the Netherlands and knew no-one.
The Netherlands itself has some basic fun tourist attractions, but the environment can be as boring as LA. :slight_smile: But if you want to see fun things, just rent a car and drive around europe for two weeks.


If you like computers you have to go to San Jose ( silicon valley ) . When I went there I was staying in Freemont. There public transportation is great. I took several busses from freemont to San Jose. I know you are further away. If you do go to SJ you have to go to weird stuff wharehouse. They have all kinds of pc stuff and shelves of silicon valley close outs. There is also the great americam amusement park too.


What’s E3? Hopefully next year I will finally get around to seeing Europe including the Netherlands and you can advise me there.


Now that sounds like a trip i’d like to take :clap: