Advice for an idiot!

Hi everyone!
1st i would like to point out that i am rubbish at computers in general. Truth is i am only now getting into it cos i smashed my leg up in April and am still off work and am fed up with playing Solitaire!!

 Anyway, i have been around this site and find it very useful, but am suffering from information overload!! So can anyone give me a simple answer to a simple question?

  I want to be able to copy some of my dvd films. I have read that article on dvd burning for beginers which was excellent (think that's what it's called anyway!) it recommends the "all in one copying" software such as DVD x Copy gold.

What i want to know is, is this the right software? for a copying “virgin”? If so, how much sould i expect to pay for it? or can i get it off one of those file sharing sites? & do i need anything else to go with it?

Any simple advice would be nice

hmmm… i think for a copying “virgin” clonedvd and anydvd (you need both) would be the best option. buy them both here, it will cost $65 but will be well worth it.

ben :slight_smile:

To start with, 2 very useful & FREE programs you NEED - DVD Decrypter ( & DVD Shrink (

You can use decrypter to rip your movies to your hard drive, removing all protection including CSS/Macrovision, RCE (Region protection) & PUOs (prohibited user operations such as copyright warnings). It is an excellent program to use to then burn ISO files (created by any program) to disc. DVD Shrink you can use to shrink your movies to fit onto a single-layer disc. It also is able to remove the encryptions mentioned above.

Also, just some friendly advice - when referring to this process, it’s probably better to use the term ‘backup’, rather than copy, just to stay on the right side of pertinent laws (where applicable).

Thanks guys!!
I’ll give those sites a go Agent 007. It’ll give me something to play around with tomorrow, and if it’s no good then i’ll probably buy the software.

Both are good advice. I would try both dvd decryptor and smart ripper. They both do the same thing and both are free so you can see which you like, then use dvd shrink. That is the free approach.
any dvd runs in the background and removes copyguard so you could run it in the background, and use dvd shrink (skipping the smart ripper/dvd decryptor steps) or use any dvd with clone dvd (easier to use than dvd shrink for a newbie) or use nero, which is easy to use and in addition to copying dvd’s it can do just about any kind of burning you could imagine as well as various conversions, changing menues, creating meunes for stuff you record, combine disks that don’t have a lot of content per disk, editing etc. plus all kinds of cd burning and various forms of data burning to cd and dvd (a good all in one program). I hope that didn’t complicate it to much. I just wanted you to know more options.
Think of it as two steps. The first step uses dvd decryptor, smart ripper or anydvd (only one is needed). The second step uses dvdshrink, clone dvd or nero (only one is needed). You can pick any program from the first step and use it with any program in the second step. Each has their advantages (free being an advantage for some of course). Did that make sence? Fyi I highly recomend any dvd and nero but that is the most expensive.

The most “newbie-friendly” method is to use AnyDVD and CloneDVD. You don’t have to deal with AnyDVD at all, it just simply works in the background. You actually use only one software, i. e. CloneDVD that rips, shrinks and burns.