Advice: Best Drive To Rip



Hello ,
Been looking in the Search engine and different forums but can´t come to a conclusion.
Please advice me on a Drive that would be use mainly for ripping and as a “regular” playing drive. Already got a NEC 3500a flashed with liggy and Dee´s FW and it´s been working fine so far.
Links to other similar threads are also welcome.
Been looking into AOpen 1648 AAP / Pro, but cannot find the PRO version anywhere, help here appreciated also, as well as what are the differences between the Pro and NON pro version.

Other suggestion welcome. :bow: :bow:



Read this thread and then read it again until your question is answered , and remember that there is search function.


if you can find a AOpen 1648\AAP non pro version I would snag it they are actually a bit faster than the pro versions.


And probably long gone. Also the Liteon 167T is almost as fast with codeguys firmware, although it looks as though it has now been superceded by the SOHD-16P9S. I haven’t seen any info on the new model.


What about a nice ripper that would be as silent as possible, what alternatives?


Newegg has the OEM Aopen Pro version for $25. It doesn’t show as “Pro” but it is.


I just got a new black Aopen 1648 AAP from

But honestly if your looking for the very best ripper I would spend the extra $20 and get a BenQ 1620 DVD/RW. With ALA’s Media Code Speed hack the thing is phenomenal. It rips 8 GB dual layer presssed movies in about 10min and it’ll do 4.5 GB single layer pressed and DVDR movies in under 5min. It’s quicker and quiter than the Aopen and from what I hear is a pretty good burner.

The Aopen isn’t bad but if it were me I’d buy another BenQ 1620.


Why cant people let the mods do their jobs?


I agree with coltrane. There are more than enough added benefits to the BenQ. He left out that it also supports scanning. If I had a BenQ 1620 I could eliminate my Liteon as well as my Aopen and I would have a scanner I could actually use for burning as well.

Now you have me thinking. Anyone want a Liteon 812S and an AOpen 1648??
I have 2 great Bytecc enclosures too.


Go for it, you won’t regret it. I am retiring my Liteon 1213@1653 in favor of a second 1620 (one in each computer).


I wouldnt be to quick to think a BenQ 1620 with the hacked firmware is better than the AOPen. I found the BenQ with the hacked firmware to be rather tempermental and it will NOT rip all movies at high speed worse yet when it wont rip at High speed it drops to 1.5X which is slower than it was beofre the speed hack.


Yes, alas I to have run into this problem on my hacked 1620. I’ve had a couple occasions where a disc would just not rip quickly. I’ve done some fairly extensive testing to try and determine the problem, over on the benQ forum…

From what I can determine the problem is not with the firmware hack or a heat related issue, but just with this particular drive and certain discs. So yes it is slightly tempermental. But for me, the 3 discs I’ve run into out of about 50 rips really isn’t that big of a deal given the speed the rest of the time. Although I must admit the slow discs ripped fine and fast on my Aopen 1648/AAP.

I hate to throw another name in the game but my old Lite-on 167t with the speed hack was a pretty good fast ripper as well.


I have a lite on 167T and even without the speed hack it was the noisest damn drive I have ever owned. which is why it is setting in a box instead of installed now.


I’m glad you posted. Now I have an excuse to keep the AOpen. I really wanted to but it is hard to justify all these drives. I am afraid the Liteon will have to go sooner or later. When the new NEC 4550A comes out I know I won’ be able to resist. Expecially with 16x DVD-RAM now officially coming out this Summer.


I really don’t notice that much difference between the 167t and the 1648 sound wise… I wouldn’t consider either one very quiet at full boil. Hell, even my pioneer a07xl with the special honycomb sh*t is pretty loud at 12-16x. The sound never really has bothered me, I usually just leave the room when I’m ripping and burning.
For what it’s worth I just ordered another benQ 1620 this weekend, And I probably would have ordered two if I hadn’t just bought the Aopen 2 weeks ago.


Its noisy as hell (the lite-on) I agree. However, its one helluva ripper. I dont use the PC when the ripping or burning is happening anyway, so noise is not an issue. I leave the roon and get a beer or drop a load


I would probably use the Lite On as a ripper if I didnt have the Aopen’s. I have never warmed to the idea of using my burner as a ripper.


I bought the Aopen to go with my NEC 3500 and I find it to be a great ripper and come on how many DVD Burners do you need? :confused:


How many beautiful woman do you need to see?


is your aopen pro dvd region free? what’s the firmware link to make it dvd region free?