Advice About Ripping DVDs

I have a 3540A and I’m having problems ripping dvd’s. I am using it as an external drive in an enclosure. At first I had a problem of it not reading dvd’s well at all until I upgraded the firmwire to 1.5W. On some dvd’s it will rip them fine and others, ripping will start, but goes to 0.0x always at 1%. It does this with and without the riplock enabled(tried the 2 different firmwires). Once this happens, I usually have to restart my computer because it almost like it crashes.

On the other hand, my lite-on 812 does anything like it suppose, but only slower
oes anyone have any suggestions before I sell this drive?

You mean you would sell a drive that you consider as being defective, instead of returning it??? :eek: ouch!

What software do you use to rip?

It’s working know. It seems that I have to play it with a dvd media player like power dvd first then rip it. I use dvd decrypter. It’s too late to return because I bought it from new egg in June.