Advice about Autoloaders / Duplicators

I have a ton of photos and videos I’ve taken that I need to back up to disc. Bluray to be exact. I’ve burned a couple hundred discs, but it is quite a chore. I was preparing to order yet another external HDD, all the while cursing myself for not burning a stack of discs and freeing up space on one of the many I already have. That’s when it dawned on me that I’ve seen robots that will swap out the discs so I don’t have to. I’ve got to have one. My space is limited, so those big monsters are out of the question. Speed and capacity aren’t a big factor. I don’t plan to duplicate or print any discs. I just need something small and simple to ease my burden. It also needs to connect to my PC so I can use IMGBurn or similar software that can queue a number of jobs for it to burn. My budget is under $1000. New would be great, but I would consider a good used machine.

Here’s what I’ve found:

I love this unit. Small and simple. It was manufactured by Datatronics and sold under the names DupliQ, Baxter, Pico, Minicubis and others. I know it’s an older machine, but I’ve read good things about it. And I can buy it new for around $500.

The only problem is the drive. Has anyone swapped the CD/DVD drive for a blu-ray drive? I have a pioneer and an lg drive, but if I have no idea whether the trays extend far enough. If not, I have no problem with buying one that will. The Datatronics site actually shows a bluray model ( DQ5610-BR ), but I haven’t seen one for sale new or used.

This unit is also manufactured by Datatronics and sold as the Nimbie, Junibox, etc. This would be nearly tied with my first choice. It’s still being sold in the US as the Acronova Nimbie. The most recent version has usb 3.0 and a blu-ray drive. It’s pricier than my first choice, costing $800-$900. It also looks bigger. This unit would obviously be the easiest solution.

These keep popping up for sale at great prices for used machines. This is the Discmakers Elite Micro also sold as the Amtren Flexwriter I, Discmakers Micro Ultra, MF-Digital Ripstation 7601X, Ripfactory Ripstation MD1XC, etc. I don’t know much about it, but the price is right. Can the drive be swapped out for a bluray drive? Will it work with IMGBurn or similar software? It’s a little wider and a lot taller than the other 2.

Well, I welcome any advice or suggestions. I’m just looking to automate the archiving of data to BD-R discs from my PC. Nothing fancy. And on a hobbyists budget. Thanks for your help.


Images fixed in the first post. Now it all makes sense.

Does anyone use a Rimage / Cedar DTP Series?